Digital Transformation Is the Key to Growth

Today’s leaders view digital transformation as a competitive business advantage that speeds growth, eliminates bottlenecks, and increases customer satisfaction.

The document is the way to make
Digital Transformation happen

Document-focused digital transformation has the greatest influence on business processes, outcomes, and ROI.

Documents define every business relationship with workers, customers, partners, and more. End-to-end digital document transformation is key to minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency, outcomes, and the customer experience.

41% of companies have increased their market share as a result of their digital transformation initiatives.

— Altimeter, a Prophet Company, The 2016 State of Digital Transformation

  • Put your data to work

    Early digital transformation has allowed companies to collect massive amounts of data. The next steps allow you to analyze and interpret that data, giving you the ability to automate and predict business outcomes.

  • Become a preferred vendor

    Customers demand personalized, relevant interactions with vendors. That means putting data to use in every prospect and customer touchpoint to make your company easier to do business with.

  • Use Artificial Intelligence to win

    Leaders use data to inform strategies and help the frontline. AI has evolved this process to change future outcomes, speed negotiations, adjust to shifting markets, and generate maximum efficiencies.

It’s easy to digitally transform the document process

  • Step 1. Discover

    Find and identify business-critical documents and review related processes

  • Step 2. Modernize

    Update how new documents are created, negotiated, and managed

  • Step 3. Analyze

    Explore document contents and processes to optimize business growth

Digital transformation is never done

CRM, email, and 24/7 connectivity are yesterday’s transformative technologies. Everyone has them and benefits from them equally. To stay ahead, or at least maintain the pace, you need to invest in going beyond the status quo. It’s essential to digitize what’s not digital, improve what’s inefficient, and accelerate the things that drag down growth.

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