Win more business by automating Salesforce Proposal generation!

What’s Inside?

Speed, accuracy and consistency are essential to successful proposal generation. Is your document generation process hindering sales efforts or helping you stand out?

In this playbook you’ll learn how automating proposal generation from Salesforce increases sales velocity and ensures proposal accuracy, helping you close deals faster.

Build Your Proposal Game Plan

Discover how to prepare for building proposal generation solutions in Salesforce. We’ll break down the process, from start to finish.

Learn Best Practices

Get best practices for data gathering, template building & customization options to successfully automate proposal generation for your business.

Get Started Quickly & Easily

Follow our simple steps for creating and implementing a Salesforce proposal solution in just minutes.

What People Are Saying About Conga Composer on the Salesforce AppExchange

We were able to build a massive, dynamically populated Sales Proposal based on data pulled from 4 levels of objects. This saved our Sales team hours of editing so they could get back to doing what Sales does best.

John Graf Director of Business Process, World Water Works

The value Conga has brought to our sales organization is incredible. Of all the Salesforce app integrations we use, Conga hands down provides the most value. It has completely streamlined our sales proposal process and given that time back to our sales team so they can focus their efforts on closing deals. I seriously love this application!

Nathan Sportsman CEO, Praetorian

Being able to get value from the app on day two was critical to our organizations ability to provide a consistent, professional proposal to our prospective customers.

Brian Baumann Sales Channel Manager, Tantalus