Reduce DSO, Get Paid Faster by automating Invoice generation!

What’s Inside?

Speed, accuracy and consistency are essential to successful invoice generation. Is your invoice process hindering collection efforts or helping you boost cash flow?

In this playbook you’ll learn how automating invoice generation ensures invoice accuracy and reduces operating costs, helping you collect revenue faster.

Build Your Invoice Game Plan

Discover how to prepare for building invoice generation solutions in Salesforce. We’ll break down the process, from start to finish.

Learn Best Practices

Get best practices for data gathering, template building & customization options to successfully automate invoice generation for your business.

Get Started Quickly & Easily

Follow our simple steps for creating and implementing a Salesforce invoice solution in just minutes.

What People Are Saying About Conga Composer on the Salesforce AppExchange

With Conga Composer I've reduced the number of templates by 70%. And even better, the routine task of producing the invoices has gone down from 3 hours to 5 minutes.

Reto Schibli CEO, Smartrms GmbH

I hate QuickBooks and loathed the time spent compiling my time entries, generating my line-item invoices, saving them with my preferred file labeling, saving, emailing, attaching. It was a nightmare. I run my entire company on Salesforce and can proudly say that that now includes invoicing [with Conga Composer].

Annette Abell President, Able Cloud Advisors

Conga Composer has allowed me to create custom certificates, worksheets and invoices for my company. By using this app, it encourages my team to enter their data accurately and timely and reduces duplicating work.

Christina Lanham Director of Operations, Industrial Training International