How to Modernize your Contract Management
Processes for the Digital Age

Download our ebook Salesforce CPQ+Conga; The Future of Contract Management, Today for important insights and actionable steps to modernize your contract management processes with integrated, automated solutions. You’ll learn:

  • Why fully integrated, third-party tools are essential to efficient end-to-end contract management.
  • How to build quotes, manage contracts, collect signatures, and execute deals faster—all within your existing Salesforce solution.
  • Why using digital negotiation tools, automated routing, and eSignatures will cut negotiation time by up to 50%.
  • The one contract process element most teams overlook that cause nearly three-quarters of their deals to fall apart in the late stages.

In the good old days, contracts were merely simple statements on a few sheets of paper overviewing what was to be delivered, when, and how much it would cost. But in today’s environment, contracts are complex, highly-detailed, and painstakingly negotiated documents reaching dozens (sometimes hundreds) of pages that need to be reviewed, edited, and signed by multiple stakeholders on behalf of both the vendor and the customer.

Organizations looking to gain an advantage over competitors while also improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the customer experience must find ways to accelerate contract creation, negotiation, and signature collection.

Future proof your business engine – gain more efficient, cost effective, and agile contract management workflows.