Why Octiv & Amazon S3


The Octiv integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for the internet, gives Octiv users the power to easily share, access and manage files within the Octiv platform. Octiv allows you to easily create a professionally branded document, redline it, share it and send it for eSignature. Once a document is signed, Octiv automatically saves it to the correct Amazon S3 folder for secure storage and sharing. This powerful solution allows customers to leverage the power of Amazon S3 without having to leave the Octiv interface.

Key Capabilities


Use Amazon S3’s search to find the files you need, right from within Octiv


Build Octiv documents with files stored in the Amazon S3 repository


Automatically update the latest file in your Octiv document template if you upload a new version in Amazon S3


Send copies of signed agreements to all parties and to specific folders in Amazon S3

About Amazon S3


Launched in July 2002, the Amazon Web Services platform exposes technology and product data from Amazon and its affiliates, enabling developers to build innovative and entrepreneurial applications on their own. More than 150,000 developers have signed up to use Amazon Web Services since its inception. Applications built using Amazon Web Services range from podcast transcription services and marketplaces for web site advertising space to enhanced sites that advertise Amazon products from Amazon sites and integrated solutions for retailers selling merchandise on Amazon sites. Developers make money by selling the applications they build, charging for the services they offer, or generating referral fees from the Associates sites they build. Amazon Web Services is a division of Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

For more information about Amazon S3, please visit their website.