Why Octiv & Cirrus Insight


Cirrus Insight, a plugin for Gmail and Outlook, can be connected to Octiv to help Salesforce users create, send and track documents right from their inbox. This powerful solution brings Octiv into your emails while still leveraging your Salesforce data. Increase the productivity of your sales team, drive Salesforce adoption and eliminate manual data entry.

Key Capabilities


View Salesforce information and Octiv documents in your inbox.


Create and send Octiv documents dynamically using Salesforce data for Salesforce Leads, Contacts or other objects directly from your inbox.


Sync all of your emails and Octiv documents to Salesforce.


Create and update Leads, Contracts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Tasks, and other objects from your inbox.


Save Octiv documents as attachments on Salesforce records.

About Cirrus Insight


Cirrus Insight automatically keeps Salesforce CRM up to date for sales teams. It intelligently syncs emails and appointments from Microsoft Office 365 and Google for Work to matching leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases in Salesforce. Cirrus Insight also includes power tools for salespeople in Outlook and Gmail including email tracking, follow up reminders, mail merge campaigns, and its popular book meeting feature to schedule 3x more appointments.

For more information about Cirrus Insight, please visit their website.