Buyers Toolkit for
Powerful Workflow Automation

How orchestrated processes can unlock real business growth!

Today’s workflow technologies can easily transform a tangled web of manual and disconnected steps into a highly automated and orchestrated digital workflow that is easy to track. This can all be done within existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems, so that companies can leverage a familiar and proven platform. This enables workers to conduct real-time tasks alongside automated steps to improve consistency, eliminate errors, enable measurements, and vastly increase outcome reliability and quality.

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  • How orchestrated process can unlock real business growth.
  • 5 reasons to invest in workflow automation.
  • How the lonely training manual is looking for new life.
  • The magic of transparency within an organization.
  • Common objections and how to answer them.

According to research by McKinsey & Company, automating processes can deliver a “return on investment that varies between 30 and as much as 200%”. Further research by Aberdeen Group shows that best in class companies are 95% more likely to use workflow automation.

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