People or machines:

Anticipating the future of contract management

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Contract lifecycle management is a growing business priority that is key in driving revenue growth and reducing costs. Integrated technology will be fundamental in realizing these benefits.

At the same time, today’s bureaucratic contracting processes are a frequent source of delays, requiring major reform to support digital transformation.

Reconciling these two imperatives demands a re-alignment between people and machines. New technologies are emerging fast, creating the need for contracting and legal professionals to redefine their roles and expand their skills.

At the heart of any business decision is the assessment of risk versus reward. How are companies deciding what to change and when? What will the blended function of the future look like?

From technology to operations, changes are here, and more are coming.

“With Conga Contracts, we make fewer mistakes and have better control over our contract process because Conga ensures we use the most recent redline.”

– Dena Cicero,┬áDirector of the Contract Management Office
CDI Corporation

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