With modern businesses constantly driving change and innovation both within their organization and within their offering, every department is under pressure to evolve.

And it’s no different for IT Procurement. As IT Procurement modernises, the onus shifts to finding technology and solution partners who can deliver and work within a modern procurement apparatus. You must maintain pace and embrace transformation to ensure efficiency and set up the rest of the company for success.

But do you know how you are tracking compared to other IT Procurement teams? 

In Q3 of 2018 WBR Insights surveyed 100 Heads of IT Procurement from companies across Europe to find out more about the challenges they’re facing and the innovative solutions being brought to the table.

Download Laying the Foundations for the Future of IT Procurement to benchmark yourself against your peers on:

✓ IT Procurement Strategy

✓ Digitising the Procurement Process

✓ Managing Suppliers

✓ Building a Global Future

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