The Admin's Guide to Maximizing Salesforce ROI

Salesforce has become an essential part of the modern enterprise’s tech stack. It’s the engine that drives an organization’s sales, marketing, and customer engagement activities with numerous off-the-shelf tools and literally thousands of additional apps and complementary tools through the Salesforce AppExchange.

Despite this, sales and marketing teams are inundating Salesforce administrators and IT teams with support requests, as they struggle to overcome manual data entry, document creation, and reporting that’s time-consuming and prone to errors.

Salesforce admins looking to simplify support, accelerate delivery of new Salesforce features and functions, and drive greater adoption across the enterprise to justify the spend are turning to intelligent automation solutions to transform their organizations into an agile, productive, and profitable machines who use Salesforce exactly how it was intended.

Download The Admin’s Guide to Maximizing Salesforce ROI and learn:

  • How to overcome the inefficiencies and headaches of siloed systems
  • Why your sales and marketing teams waste up to 2/3 of their productive time each day on menial tasks
  • Strategies for reducing the flood of support tickets to Salesforce admins and IT
  • How third-party automation tools are the key to gaining greater visibility, improving data integrity, and making the bosses happy with a higher return on your investment

Learn how to improve efficiency, productivity, and drive better adoption of Salesforce across the enterprise

“”Of all the Salesforce apps we use, Conga Composer hands down provides the most value. It has completely streamlined our sales proposal process and given that time back to our sales team so they can focus on closing deals.””

—Nathan Sportsman, CEO Praetorian