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“Conga helped us recover $600,000 in missed billings allowing us to recover almost 100% of my initial software costs.”

—Nancy Thornsbury
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Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Conga

  1. Out-of-the-Box Configurability: Our solution is architected from the ground up to be a full enterprise class CLM solution. Not a retrofitted, bolt-on module to an application suite not designed for true CLM. Conga Novatus is a mature application with self-administration and an ease of use focus. We put you in the drivers seat and allow you to maintain control of the system with a few simple clicks. This in turn allows for easy implementation of highly comprehensive workflows; self-serve requests; true up on managed terms; and much more.
  2. Access to Customer-Centric Organization: Coming up with new solutions, ideas and enhancements takes more than just the Conga team. Conga puts our customers first with our User Advisory Counsel, User Groups, training and annual user conferences.
  3. Better Reporting: Outdated reporting can take a toll on organizations looking to monitor performance of their contracts. Conga Novatus has been designed to take advantage of the latest technology available to provide extremely configurable charting and analytic reporting capabilities.
  4. Negotiation Power: Gain access to conditional and parallel approvals and more in-depth eSignature capabilities and audit tracking.
  5. Departmental Connection: Want to be empowered with Novatus but still to want see data in your other tools? Novatus has a 100% proven track record integrating into other ERP, CRM and CPQ systems. Check out how Sony lead the path with Novatus and it’s integration into Ariba.