Manage Your Entire Contract Lifecycle with Conga

Conga’s CLM solutions solve contracting challenges for every part of your business.

Automate your CLM from creation to signature

Manage your entire contract lifecycle. Create effective, secure, and automated contract processes. Drive contract engagement from creation to negotiation to signature. Gain visibility into contracts for insight, control, and lower risk.

  • Store, find, and search all contracts

    Store all of your contracts in a single repository. Easily see what your contracts contain for visibility, transparency, and control.

  • Automate your processes

    Cut out steps you don’t need to reduce errors, cut risk, and speed up contract cycles.

  • Make negotiations a breeze

    Solve the contract challenges that arise when you create, manage, and negotiate contracts. Automatically update the system of record during negotiations and when the agreement is final.

Good CLM delivers much more than contracts

Conga’s comprehensive CLM solutions solve contracting difficulties across your business. That helps you save on operating costs, speed up business cycles, and improve on negotiation and delivery times.

"We found that Conga Contracts provided the best way to create the quote documents we wanted, and lets us work within the process we want to have."
Suzan O’Leary
Project Manager, Abiomed

Effective Contract Lifecycle Management benefits your entire business

Contracting processes influence the overall health of your business, so it’s essential to get them right. According to IACCM, ineffective contract management costs businesses up to 9.2% of annual revenue. Imagine what good CLM can do for your bottom line.
— Tim Cummins, IACCM, “Companies with good contracting processes make more money 

See what CLM can do for your business

No contract left behind

Integrate and automate processes that track and manage all of your contracts. Store contracts securely and update systems of record automatically. Fine-tune contracts and contract processes with robust reporting and analytics.

  • Powerful, automated CLM for today’s enterprise

    Designed for legal and procurement teams


    • Store, locate, and manage unlimited contracts
    • Compare revisions, route tasks, securely negotiate
    • Track interactions and cycle times to identify where slowdowns happen
    • Gain access to compliance reporting to reduce risk
  • Empowering sales teams to sell better

    CLM custom built for sales teams

    • Give sales teams the power to own more of the contract process
    • Extend Salesforce CPQ® to contract negotiation and management
    • Shorten sales cycles while maintaining legal controls
    • Use Salesforce® for your primary data storage
"Conga Contracts has allowed me to send out contracts with a few clicks, track differing versions without the need of track changes, and allows for all parties to sign electronically. It has been a dream! This is a great system and well worth the cost in what you save in return!"
Jeffery Van Hulten
Manager of Contracts and Policy, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Robust, full-featured CLM for every team

Many teams in your organization touch contracts, but they have different needs. Our solutions can be tailored for your legal, procurement, and sales teams. The result is comprehensive CLM that benefits the entire business.

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