CLM Custom Built for Sales Teams

Empower your reps to create, negotiate, and execute contracts without leaving Salesforce®. Speed up sales cycles while maintaining legal control.

The CLM of choice for Salesforce customers

Conga Contracts for Salesforce is the easiest, most secure way to create, negotiate, sign, and store contracts in the cloud. Fully integrated with Salesforce, Conga helps sales teams provide a smoother contracting process from start to finish.

  • Increase sales efficiency

    Sales teams can create, negotiate, and sign their standard contracts. No more waiting on legal approval or leaving Salesforce. Contract negotiations as much as 50% shorter.

  • Control contracts, limit risk

    Legal pre-approves language and terms sales can use. Sales creates contracts that stay within those guardrails. Legal doesn’t need to check every deal.

  • Uncover data-driven insights

    Gain insights into where and why contracts stall during negotiations. Identify clauses that get changed most often. Find bottlenecks where processes can improve.

  • Empowering sales teams to close deals faster

    CLM custom built for sales teams

    • Give sales teams the power to own more of the contract process
    • Extend Salesforce CPQ® to contract negotiation and management
    • Shorten sales cycles while maintaining legal controls
    • Use Salesforce® for your primary data storage
"We love Conga. We’ve been able to provide powerful solutions to the business with its products. And using Conga Contracts for Salesforce®, we were able to deliver a fully robust Salesforce CPQ quote process to accelerate sales"
Suzan O’Leary
Project Manager, Abiomed

Streamline and accelerate contract negotiations for your sales teams

  • Get up and running fast

    Get fast ROI with rapid implementation. Templates get you started quickly, so you can create professional contracts with the click of a button.

  • Negotiations made easy

    Negotiate and redline contracts in the format your customer is most comfortable in: Word. Easily review changes. The system tracks versions for you.

  • Keep Salesforce up-to-date

    Automatically true-up accepted changes back into Salesforce, so the system of record is always up-to-date. No more slow manual updates or missed renewals.

  • Control legal language

    Build a clause library of language the legal team has pre-approved. Draw on it to create compliant contracts quickly and easily. Bundle clauses that often come together for even greater efficiency.

  • Take action with data

    Report across your contracts to uncover trends, gain insights, and identify bottlenecks. Get the information you need to take your contracting to the next level.

  • 3rd party contracts

    Track and compare 3rd party contracts in Salesforce. Map their data and reconcile it with Salesforce fields. Identify clauses and which ones should be saved in the clause library.

Find out today how Conga Contracts for Salesforce can transform your business