Contract Lifecycle Management for Today’s Enterprise

Request, draft, negotiate, approve, and sign. Our proven end-to-end CLM solution solves contracting challenges for every part of your business.

Transforming your business, one contract at a time

Automate every step required in managing your contracts, including authoring, negotiation, workflows, approvals, execution, and renewal management. Our cloud-based software makes every step of the process seamless.

  • Gain contract visibility

    Store, find, search, and report on every contract in a single location. Gain visibility into contract status as it flows through the contract lifecycle. Understand actions taken and actions needed.

  • Ensure compliance

    Never miss a renewal or expiration again. Guarantee that your contracts meet the regulatory requirements that matter to you. Be audit-ready, whatever business you are in.

  • Maintain control over agreements

    Create easy-to-find, easy-to-use templates for everyday contracts and common clauses. Set up an explicit set of rules business users can use to create contracts.

  • Automating enterprise CLM from creation to signature

    Designed for legal and procurement teams


    • Store, locate, and manage unlimited contracts
    • Compare revisions, route tasks, securely negotiate
    • Track interactions and cycle times to identify where slowdowns happen
    • Gain access to compliance reporting to reduce risk
“Conga Contracts is my secret weapon. It has helped me to improve contract management efficiency so drastically that our world-wide contracts teams are adopting it.”
Lois Peterman, Qualcomm

Self-service contracting at your fingertips

  • Centralized storage and retrieval

    Trade your file cabinets for a secure, cloud-based contract repository. Establish contract family hierarchies, search for what you need -- and find it.

  • Easy creation, requests, and templates

    Make contracting simple. Automate requests to create accurate, error-free contracts every time. Use templates for common contract types.

  • Streamline negotiations

    Speed up and simplify negotiations. Track changes, compare revisions, and approve contracts from within Microsoft Word. Automatically update systems of record.

  • Automated event alerts

    Never miss another renewal or expiration. Our event alerts let you know in advance when an important contract milestone is coming.

  • Flexible workflows and approvals

    Build robust workflows to manage your contracts effectively and consistently. Create, manage, and track contract approvals through all phases of your business processes.

  • Deeper contract insights

    Monitor and track interactions and cycle times throughout the contract lifecycle. Identify bottlenecks and improve them, while boosting your bottom line.

Find out today how Conga Contracts can transform your business