Easy, Powerful Data Management for Salesforce

Conga Grid gives you a dynamic view of your Salesforce data. View, filter, and act on all relevant data from a single screen. Save time, clicks, and achieve cleaner data.

Manage and update Salesforce data without breaking a sweat

Data is at the foundation of every business document. Maintaining and updating Salesforce data is the key to correct documents, better productivity, and meaningful insights. Conga Grid makes this easy.

  • Get higher Salesforce adoption

    Customers spend 50% less time updating data in Salesforce. Improve productivity 10x when doing updates in bulk. With Grid, your users will want to be in Salesforce.

  • Improve efficiency

    Save time on data upkeep to spend on core job functions. Stop clicking back and forth through Salesforce records. Improve data quality and management.

  • Increase deal velocity

    It’s quick and easy to identify high priority cases or opportunities. Locate stalled deals. Uncover new insights hidden deep within the details to speed up business.

  • Manage and update Salesforce data easily

    View, filter, and update all relevant data from a single screen

    • Bulk copy and paste data into and out of Salesforce
    • Quickly view, manipulate, and batch edit multiple levels of data across many records
    • Drive attention to key data with conditional formatting
    • Request actions and track completion of requests
“Using Conga Grid and Composer, Stan Johnson Company is increasing our productivity, cutting costs, and helping our brokers provide an exceptional experience for their clients.”
Will Crowley, Manager, Information Systems, Stan Johnson Company

Empower your users to act fast on Salesforce data

  • All your data on a single screen

    Get any view of your data that you need. Navigate across multiple objects. See and edit records in a single, actionable view.

  • The reading pane

    Preview tasks and records in the reading pane. Use it to edit long text fields and related lists. Access and act on multiple levels of data across many records - from one view.

  • Drive action with conditional formatting

    Draw attention to key data, like overdue close dates, big opportunities, or account ownership. Drive action with easy-to-read color coding.

  • Guarantee follow-through

    Request actions and track completion of requests. Communicate with stakeholders via Salesforce Chatter. Tie your data to action requests.

  • Better forecasts

    Create easy-to-read dashboard views. Get a clearer view of forecast accuracy. Drill into pipeline data. Filter and sort for the information you need.

  • Quick-start grids

    Get up and running in a flash. Grab the quick-start grid that’s right for what you need. Pre-built grids available for: sales; case management; pipeline management; and, Salesforce Admins.

Find out today how Conga Grid can transform your business