Transform Your Documents, Transform Your Business

Your documents are the key to your business. Conga’s digital document generation will take them to the next level.

Documents when and where you need them

Digitally transform your document generation to connect all parts of your business. Create an easy, accurate, efficient flow of information. Integrate the document steps that make your business run.

  • Build better documents

    Creating beautiful, accurate digital documents can be simple. Automate document generation and the processes you use to send documents and contracts.

  • Collaborating is easy

    With Conga’s Document Generation, collaboration is a snap. Get business done when and where you want to.

  • Your customer comes first

    Put your best foot forward with your customers. Create the modern, responsive online experience that today’s customer expects.

Generate your documents 95% faster

Conga’s customers have experienced huge efficiency gains in the area that ties all parts of business together: documents. Conga customer Marathon Ventures increased bid sheet proposal efficiency 95%. Read the case study here.

“We’ve been able to use Conga Composer to leverage our entire business, so we’ve created all of our customer documents based on this technology. We’ve created a real-time information system…we’ve grown 100x in terms of productivity.”
Vernon Keenan, Telnexus CEO

Documents touch every part of modern business

Automate and modernize documents across every part of your business. Streamline digital document and contract creation, collaborate easily, then track and share. Move the needle on revenue and efficiency.

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Digital documents made for collaboration

Gain the power to generate accurate, beautifully designed digital documents — both traditional and web-based. Share them, collaborate online in real time, then store them securely.

  • Create pixel-perfect, templated documents with ease

    Traditional document generation

    • Create highly-customized, branded documents with rich text and images
    • Pull data from many sources for accurate, complex documents
    • Set up workflows and approvals to deliver your communications
    • Eliminate errors and document roadblocks that slow down business
  • Online documents for real-time collaboration

    Build, share, and track online documents

    • Set up document templates, workflows, and approvals
    • Create documents quickly with wizard-based document creation
    • Share and collaborate on documents securely and track engagement
    • Keep documents safe and accessible in a central, secure cloud repository
“Composer is saving us time every day! We use it to generate our sales documents. We previously had to enter data into Salesforce® then reenter it into separate documents, leading to duplicated efforts and incorrect data. We can now enter into the data into one system and generate the document from there.”
Brandon Smith, Salesforce Admin, PatientPoint

Modernize your documents, engage your customers

With Conga’s Document Generation solutions, leverage the data in your systems to design documents for each engagement. Deliver communications in any format to your customers and co-workers. Reap the benefits of a faster, more interactive way to engage, connect, and collaborate.

Find out today how Conga’s Document Generation can transform your business