Online Documents to Optimize Customer Engagement

Deliver documents when and where they want. Enable your sales teams to quickly and effectively engage with customers.

Online documents to speed up communication

Generate the documents that make your business run from any CRM. Drive customer engagement and close deals faster.

  • Generate documents efficiently

    Say goodbye to wasted time and manual steps when creating documents. Shorten your sales cycles.

  • Do it on the go

    Create, deliver, and collaborate on documents any time from anywhere. Documents aren’t tied to the office any more.

  • Analytics to run business better

    Find out what really matters to your customers. Get insights that help move deals through the pipeline faster.

  • Online documents for real-time engagement

    Build, share, and track online documents

    • Set up document templates, workflows, and approvals
    • Create documents quickly with wizard-based document creation
    • Share and collaborate on documents securely and track engagement
    • Keep documents safe and accessible in a central, secure cloud repository
“Initially, I fell in love with Collaborate more for the presentation than the tracking, until we started to use it. The sales team was blown away by the tracking capabilities, and adoption was instant.”
Michael Crafton, Owner, Nelbud Services Group

Build, share, and track online documents for easier collaboration

  • Documents when and where you want

    Create and sign documents anywhere, any time. Access documents from any device that’s connected to the internet.

  • Create interactive documents

    Easily embed media, images, and dynamic forms. Include any multimedia in the documents you generate. Create visual interest for more effective documents.

  • Send documents as a link

    Deliver documents via email as a secure, unique URL link so your customer can view online. No more bulky email attachments to download.

  • Track engagement

    See how your customer engages with the document you send. Track and view engagement with email, text messages, chatter, custom alerts, and reports.

  • Integrations tie it all together

    Integrate with your most important platforms. CRM integrations for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, and Pipedrive.

  • Templates to build on

    Select from pre-built document templates you can edit. Or create a brand new document to fit a new situation.

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