Generate Perfect Documents Easily from Salesforce

Create customized, enterprise-grade documents for every interaction directly from Salesforce. Mobilize your data, improve efficiency, and eliminate errors that slow down your business.

One DocGen application, unlimited uses

Documents make your business run. Tackle almost any use case with Conga Composer to make it run even better. Get perfect documents, incredible value, and better Salesforce adoption when complex document generation is easy.

  • Make your brand rock solid

    Make every document look great, and unmistakably yours. Brand each document, whether for your external customers or your internal users.

  • Watch your productivity skyrocket

    Eliminate errors and cut out manual steps. Make sure every document complies with company policy. And all with the click of a button.

  • Automate documents for greater efficiency

    Conga customers have realized huge gains in efficiency using Conga Composer document generation. They’ve saved up to 50% of time spent. Read the case study.

  • Business documents custom built for every interaction

    Traditional document generation

    • Create highly-customized, branded documents with rich text and images
    • Pull data from many sources for accurate, complex documents
    • Set up workflows and approvals to deliver your communications
    • Eliminate errors and document roadblocks that slow down business
"Conga Composer tied all of our business process automation together. We are now able to market, sell, and service our customers better and more efficiently than ever. Conga helped make us a connected enterprise."
Vernon Keenan, Telnexus CEO

Document generation with features to transform your business

  • Pick your format

    Generate documents in almost any format-- MS Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, HTML email, and rich text--and then deliver them with the click of a button.

  • Leverage templates

    Access a library of pre-built templates for quotes, proposals, invoices, reports, and more. Or generate a custom solution using Conga Composer’s Document Automation Wizard.

  • Complex content? No problem

    Incorporate professional, complex content into your documents. Include tables, images, rich text, charts, dashboards, custom fonts, watermarks, and global currencies.

  • Pull data from anywhere

    Merge data from anywhere in Salesforce. With Composer’s API, you can even combine data from external sources. Draw from multiple Salesforce orgs, ERP, or any other database.

  • Batch and schedule your docs

    Standardize and automate your document delivery. Batch, auto-create, schedule, and leverage Salesforce Workflows with Conga Batch and Conga Trigger.

  • Deliver the way you want

    Deploy flexible delivery options, with output files you can download locally, store in Salesforce, distribute via email, or integrate with eSignature.

Find out today how Conga Composer can transform your business