Modern eSignature Built for Salesforce® Users

Speed up contract execution, save time, and reduce costs. Make it easy for companies to do business with you.

Electronic signature for today’s business environment

As the speed of business accelerates and commerce becomes increasingly automated, electronic signatures are more important than ever.

  • Fast, efficient, and secure

    Securely send documents that are ready for signature. They can be signed and returned within minutes.

  • Complete visibility

    See real-time status of the document sent for signature. Track the agreement from draft to completion, and each signer step in between.

  • Easy to deploy and use

    Built for Salesforce, so it installs easily and matches the way your teams already work.

$1.2 million saved yearly

Using eSignature can save up to $5 savings per signature. The US Census Bureau saves $1.2 million yearly allowing workers to sign and submit performance reviews electronically.

— Fedscoop, “Automated signature system expected to save $1.2M annually for Census Bureau

“Conga Sign, with Conga Contracts for Salesforce and Composer, help keep the user producing needed documents and processes all from within Salesforce.”
Leonard Silon, Senior Salesforce Admin, Macquarie Investment Management

Automate the final step of the document lifecycle

Automate the entire lifecycle of your documents and contracts, from end to end. Speed up and simplify the final step of your agreements. Drive customer engagement with our easy, integrated eSignature for Salesforce.

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Electronic signature designed for today’s business

Finalize agreements and contracts easily with secure, integrated eSignature built for Salesforce. Work from anywhere on any connected device. Sign agreements, track signature status, and create an audit trail to ensure validity.

  • Modern eSignature built for Salesforce

    Features built for today’s need

    • Track the status of eSignature activity
    • Get reminders of eSignature delays
    • Sign remotely on your phone or tablet
    • Highlight contract roadblocks like expirations and declines
"For an organization already using Conga Composer, Conga Sign is an extremely easy implementation using the same basic knowledge of document tags & solution parameters. The end result is a professional eSignature solution that is easy for our reps and our customers to use."
James Sinor, Salesforce Administrator, Hach

Create better business processes with modern eSignature

Speed up business cycles and simplify processes with a modern, efficient eSignature solution. Give your customers the experience they are looking for.

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