Our product names have changed

But our commitment to our customers hasn’t

At Conga, we have changed the names of some of our products. This page explains why we made the changes, what the changes are, and what they represent.

Why we made the name changes

Conga has gone through some incredible changes over the last few years. We have focused on creating a complete, comprehensive suite of products to empower our customers to digitally transform their documents, contracts, and the business processes around them.

To make this happen, we have acquired five companies and multiple products since April 2016 and created two new products in house. As a result, we have decided to rename several products (both from these acquisitions and existing ones.) The new names help illustrate how all of our products fit together into an integrated suite, and provide more consistent and explanatory naming across all Conga offerings. The names follow a pattern, containing the Conga brand name followed by a name that explains the principle action the product helps customers perform. For example, Conga Sign is the name of our electronic signature product.

The product names–what has changed and what hasn’t

There are three categories of products listed below. First, a diagram of the Conga products that are keeping the same name. The second diagram lists existing products that have new names. The third diagram lists recently acquired products that have new names.

Products with the same names


Existing products, showing former names and new names


Recently acquired products, showing former names and new names


The Conga Promise

Our company and brand name, Conga, precedes the name of every product line, and embodies our promise to every customer. At Conga, we stand by the quality of our products, our services, and our support, regardless of the product you are using. While some of our products have new names, you can count on the same high quality and support that we have always provided. Please contact us with any questions at [email protected].