Why attend Conga Connect? Give your boss 5 great reasons.

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We’re excited to announce that registration is now open for Conga Connect! Your favorite Conga-focused event will be held March 7 – 9, 2017 in Orlando. So start planning now… with what you’re going to tell your colleagues and execs about why you really need to go. That way you can register right now and…

  1. Take advantage of early-bird pricing, which slashes the registration fee in half
  2. Leverage your company’s education benefit *before* you lose those dollars at the end of this month
  3. Have something sunny to look forward to after the holidays!


The 2017 event will be unlike any Conga event ever, so your boss simply has to say yes. Sessions and training—yes. Hand-on time with our professional services team—yes. And so much more.

Bring cost and time savings back.
Whether you need some help tweaking a template or want to talk through a business challenge, face-to-face time with Conga staff will let you, like Prometheus bringing fire to the world, bring valuable benefits back to your organization. The savings may well pay for your trip to Orlando within just a few weeks.

Get a first look at what’s coming from Conga.
You’re planning for streamlining your business processes next year, right? Now you can see how Conga will be helping you across our entire product suite to give you opportunities for further business accelerations. Whether you’re in sales, legal or procurement, we’ll have some developments you want to see first to share with your team back at home office.

Become a Conga Certified Expert.
Whether you’re new to Conga or have been using our products for ten years, you are invited to come to the event and earn your certification! With hands-on Conga U courses this is a great opportunity to become a recognized expert within a few action-packed days.

Schmooze and be schmoozed.
Networking? You got it. We know how valuable it can be to connect with people—whether it’s within your own industry, in a similar role, or with similar business challenges (and opportunities!). At Conga Connect you’ll get plenty of opportunities to make solid people connections—the kind that help your career.

Think bigger.
It’s not just about getting your day-to-day worklife in a better place…. Conga Connect will feature keynote speakers to inspire you to ever better things. And it’s not just about your personal development. The event also offers big ideas for digital transformation, your customer lifecycle, and business automation—three trends that we see are driving innovation and competitive advantage across companies in virtually every industry.

Fun (Don’t tell anyone).
You can’t very well go on a business trip to Orlando without going somewhere fun, now, can you?! Join us for a fun adventure outside of the event where you can do a little networking while you relax and enjoy yourselves.

More details are coming soon! But don’t wait: register now! (Remember that early bird pricing mentioned earlier? Yeah, it ends on December 31, 2016, so now’s the time to lock it in. Invite your colleague!)


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