Conga: Where we’ve been, where we’re going

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2016 was a watershed year for Conga. We acquired three other businesses and more than quadrupled our workforce, growing from about 60 employees to a total of 250. During the same time frame, revenue tripled.

Bob DeSantis, COO of Conga (photo credit: Denver Business Journal)

Conga Composer, long the best-selling paid app on the Salesforce AppExchange, was joined by Conga Novatus, a contract lifecycle management solution, and Conga ActionGrid, a data management tool for streamlining Salesforce data. Conga Services came on board to offer professional services on par with the quality of our products.

Over the past year, dozens of companies have started using Conga and expanded their use of Conga solutions, including multiple members of the Fortune 100 and 500.

We established our first sales force last year and became an international business. We opened an office in Australia and a second office in Britain that sells into France. There are plans in the works to establish a presence and data center in Germany soon.

It was an amazing year, and a year to be proud of. But we aren’t planning to sit back and enjoy the ride.

This year we plan to do more and do better.

So far in 2017:

  • We continue to innovate and improve, adding enterprise-grade features to our products. We reworked Conga Composer, our legacy application, releasing Business and Enterprise Editions, the latter for businesses looking for an extra layer of security, integration and customization.
  • We held our first ever user conference, Conga Connect, at the beginning of March, to all reports a roaring success.
  • This year we’re planning to continue to grow our workforce, increase revenue growth and expand more internationally.

“Our focus this year is growth in revenue, growth in workforce,” said Bob DeSantis, Conga’s COO. “We could probably grow 50 or 60 percent this year.”

  • We’re looking forward to a major product launch in April, too, so stay tuned.

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