Easy Data Updates in Salesforce: Edit Product Selections Inline with Conga ActionGrid

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Continuing his series on using Salesforce CPQ Suite and Conga solutions to remove pain points in quote-to-cash, Doug Rybacki, head of Conga’s product management team, looks at the value of updating data easily pre sale, with Conga ActionGrid.

Obviously, my Conga colleagues and I are all big fans of the power of the Salesforce platform and tools like CPQ and Billing. Not to mention how grateful we are to be able to run a business in the partner-friendly environment of the AppExchange. We see our role as an opportunity to innovate and offer solutions that can truly help Customers. So, when I demonstrate where we can help Customers move beyond out-of-box Salesforce functionality, it is intended with true good will, because I know how much better it has made our lives at Conga.

Updating product selections

For example, take data management in Salesforce without ActionGrid. I can see a few items in the list view. I need to drill down to see the entire list or to see the detail record to edit, and then have to click back out to the list view.

A standard list view

ActionGrid brings improved data management where it is needed most. With a tabbed interface, you can easily navigate through the many related tables of a product bundle to quickly and easily update customer selections on features, options and all the data related to your product bundles, without ever leaving the main product record page. Here at Conga our team reports this saves tremendous time.

ActionGrid provides an easy-to-navigate, tabbed interface.

With ActionGrid, I can scroll through the larger list without digging, I can edit in the grid without clicking into the detail records, I can filter and analyze the list without running any reports or taking my data out of the Cloud. It’s a very powerful tool that turns any list view in Salesforce into a spreadsheet like experience.

Using ActionGrid views with data from across objects, it is easy to update, filter, and analyze my data.

In my next blog, I’ll take a look at automating documents for the Customer, and ways automation can speed up that process.

Doug Rybacki leads product strategy, product management, and product education for Conga’s products and services. He has more than 25 years of experience in building businesses, products, and teams. Prior to Conga, Doug led teams at Medversant Technologies, DocuSign, LexisNexis, and the Texas Office of Court Administration. In addition to Product Management, he has experience in leading product development, business development, and accounting functions. Doug has an MBA from the University of Washington and a BBA from The University of Texas.

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