Integrating CPQ and Conga Solutions for Automated Proposals, Quotes, Contracts and Invoices

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In the third blog in his series on automating with Salesforce CPQ and Conga solutions, Conga’s head of product management, Doug Rybacki, looks at how CPQ and Conga Composer integrate for Customer facing document generation.

Generating proposals, quotes, contracts and invoices

Now we’ll focus on the customer facing documents that we all use to manage the customer lifecycle. Salesforce CPQ offers the ability to create a standard quote template, but for more complex, enhanced and pixel­-perfect custom output, we naturally use Conga Composer.

Like many B2B companies, we configure deals that are complex, with dependencies across products and pricing. Salesforce CPQ provides automation while also giving control to key members of sales to ensure discounts and packaging make sense. This way we can make sure that salespeople sell a workable combination of products within set price windows. We’re able to take advantage of these benefits of CPQ and at the same time let the sales team easily generate the documents they need through Conga Composer.

Creating and editing Conga templates is fast and straightforward. I just need to select the field from the Conga Template Builder and download the file from the template pane. With the click of a button, my Microsoft Word document opens and my merge fields are ready to go.

Conga templates are standard file types, which makes customization easy. Want to change the colors, add your logo, add a header, footer or page numbers? In the case below, add these as you would in any other Word file. We like to make our marketing department happy by using approved fonts.

Many of our customers, including our own sales teams, value the ability to dynamically include several types of documents in Composer when they are sending the quote to the customer. Conga Composer allows you to create Document Sets that enhance an enterprise quoting solution. It’s a feature designed to give the prospects and customers all of the data they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Best of all, Conga Composer makes it easy for users to decide whether to have the data they choose provided for them directly, or as a list from which they can select what they want. In fact, some of our customers send quotes, contracts, and invoices to their prospect at the same time.

In my next post, I will look at how CPQ and Conga solutions can help move a contract through the negotiation stage more easily, accelerate close with eSignature, and streamline invoicing and billing.

Doug Rybacki leads product strategy, product management, and product education for Conga’s products and services. He has more than 25 years of experience in building businesses, products, and teams. Prior to Conga, Doug led teams at Medversant Technologies, DocuSign, LexisNexis, and the Texas Office of Court Administration. In addition to Product Management, he has experience in leading product development, business development, and accounting functions. Doug has an MBA from the University of Washington and a BBA from The University of Texas.

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