Meet Conga’s CEO – Matt Schiltz!

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Matthew Schiltz recently joined Conga as the new CEO. With over 20 years of CEO experience in the SaaS, cloud and software technology sectors, Matt is no stranger to leading high growth customer-focused companies. Find out why Matt is so excited to be at Conga!


It’s hard to believe it’s approaching a month since I first started at Conga. I’m thrilled to be here, and I have experienced such a warm and positive welcome. In deciding to join Conga, the people here were one of my top draws. I’m excited to work with a team who shares so much pride and passion for solving customer problems. Our employees are knowledgeable and so easy to interact with, making customers feel right at home. The people at Conga have also impressed me with their positive energy and willingness to consider new ways of taking this great company to the next level.

What else attracted me to Conga? I’ve always admired the products and technology. When I was CEO of DocuSign, we had the opportunity to partner with Conga and I was always impressed with the products and technology. The Conga Suite solves critical customer problems and not for just a single need, but for entire business processes. A customer may start with one use case, maybe a sales contract for example. They soon discover they can use the Conga Suite to automatically send not only a contract, but also to send a quote, invoice, receipt and follow-up emails. I’m proud Conga offers outstanding products and technology.

Another key motivation in joining the team at Conga would have to be our lead investor, Insight Venture Partners. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with the Insight team in the past and have always been amazed by the incredible leadership and top track record in building ground breaking technology companies. Insight is a world-class technology investor, and in my mind the perfect investor to back us on our important mission. Having a very successful and supportive lead investor is a huge difference maker for Conga.

I’m delighted to be on this new journey at Conga. Conga is clearly a great place to be, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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