New Quarterly Business Review in Google Slides

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There’s a lot you can do with your data inside of One of the biggest hurdles that you face in making great use of that data is that it’s time-consuming to extract. Example: the quarterly business review. In the world of B2B, the QBR is a high-visibility presentation where you need accurate data. So you check and check it again, potentially introducing errors as you manipulate your template.

That takes a lot of time. Or, more accurately, it used to.

Conga has integrated with both Google Slides and Salesforce to launch a prototype for a QBR presentation, taking advantage of the best technologies and the cloud to save time, reduce errors, and provide a great experience for your sales team and your customers alike.

This solution will allow Salesforce users to create a “Quarterly Business Review” slide presentation from the standard Salesforce Account record. Then, the merged slide deck is delivered to their Google Drive account.


Working in Google Slides, users can now collaborate on presentation templates, and then create customized QBR Google Slides decks inside of with no extra steps.

Through the development of this prototype, Conga is expanding the template platforms we work with—something that our customers can take advantage of.

How can you take advantage of the new QBR prototype? You’ll need to be a Conga Composer customer, and it’s free during the prototype phase!

As a prototype, the QBR is still being developed. Over the next 6 months the Conga team will be working to enhance the customizability of the QBR Google Slides solution.

Please take it for a spin and send us any feedback! We hope it helps you and your teams generate value in your QBRs. Keep your eye out for more announcements like this one—we are working on more ways to help you streamline and generate even greater value throughout your entire customer lifecycle.

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