Conga for Retail
Increase Sales and Improve the Customer Experience

The retail industry is constantly changing. Increased pressure to expand online sales coupled with savvier customers who demand quicker, more personalized service are nudging retailers to diversify and deepen their sales and support operations.

To keep up with the changing landscape of consumers’ buying behaviors and stay competitive with companies who are already ahead of the online sales curve, retailers need to sell faster and better in all forums and emphasize the customer experience. Conga has made it a mission to enable the retail industry to move at the speed it needs to, adapt to shifts in the market, and meet the growing expectations of consumers with industry-leading document generation and contract lifecycle management solutions.

Now, retailer sales pros have all the tools they need to address and overcome their biggest challenges including:

  • Workflows and document generation
  • Customer service quality
  • Data integration and availability
  • Insights and forecasting

“Conga Composer saves us hours per week. With one button click, we can generate a spreadsheet in Excel with a worksheet for each day’s orders.

Raychel Dias, Salesforce Administrators

With Conga, your business benefits from:

Optimized Data Management

  • Learn more: forecast revenue, prioritize everyday tasks, uncover necessary adjustments in your current business processes
  • Access updated data system-wide
  • Drive Salesforce adoption with integrated, easy-to-view, single screens
  • Produce better reports

Automated Workflows and Processes

  • Create and format sales documents with one click
  • Populate with updated CRM data
  • Mass-update data changes
  • Spend more time on customer interactions

Error-Free Documents and Contracts

  • Track changes and versions with greater visibility
  • Get signatures and approvals at every step they’re needed
  • Populate data in templated formats
  • Sync data changes back to the CRM

Faster, More Secure Contract Management

  • Create contracts with updated CRM data and store securely
  • Pre-populate contracts with pre-approved legal clauses
  • Maintain version control and audit user activity
  • Provide real-time visibility for all parties

Streamlined Business Processes

  • Reduce paper and increase digital records
  • Increase speed, accuracy, and turnaround
  • Improve customer communications
  • Spend more time on generating revenue

Simple Use Cases


  • Sales Contracts
  • Service Contracts
  • Warranty Contracts

Invoices & Receipts:

  • Customer Invoices
  • Order Confirmations
  • Recurring Bills

Shipping Documents:

  • Packing Lists
  • Shipping Lists
  • Returns and RMAs


  • Sales Quotes
  • Service Quotes
  • Price Quotes


  • Forecast Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Financial Reports and Performance