How Conga helps high growth companies scale


The world works differently now: the way we work has changed, your employees have changed, and your customer’s expectations have changed. Digital transformation means retooling your entire business to succeed in this new world. If you want to deliver the workplace your employees want, the experience your customers expect, and the results your CEO demands, you need to lay the foundation for a new kind of business.

Conga is your partner in the digital transformation journey. Our solution helps high growth companies scale within sales, legal, HR, and operations through end-to-end digital document and contract transformation.


You have more contracts than ever (Legal, Sales, Procurement, HR), and CLM is a manual, disjointed  process.

You are hiring fast and need to onboard new talent quickly and efficiently.

You spend hours drafting sales proposals, emailing different departments for collateral and following up with prospects. Then, tracking customer engagement is challenging.

Processes are breaking or employees don’t follow them consistently as teams grow and roles change.

Getting agreements and contracts signed in a timely manner can be painful, slowing down your sales cycle.

Document generation is haphazard and time-consuming, resulting in errors and off-brand documents.

Salesforce is the system for sales, services and support teams, and the departments that support them. But, performing batch actions and data management tasks in Salesforce is difficult.

The Conga Solution

With Conga Contracts, automate your CLM from creation to close and every step in between.

With Conga Collaborate, automate each step of the hiring process, from initial offer letter to new hire onboarding.

With Conga Collaborate, you get an online solution that offers a more efficient way to create, store, manage, and track the proposal process.

With Conga Orchestrate, automate the most complex workflow processes within Salesforce.

With Conga Sign, obtain eSignatures quickly and easily through Salesforce.

With Conga Composer, create perfect, branded documents, pulling data from multiple sources.

With Conga Grid, easily update and manage important data directly within Salesforce to ensure your documents are accurate.


Automate contract processes to gain visibility, control, and reduce risk. Accelerate business cycles and drive customer engagement.

Shorten the hiring process, simplify new hire documents, and onboard faster. And do so while saving on operating costs.

Speed up customer communications, drive engagement, and close deals faster with collaborative, templated docs.

Identify bottlenecks, stay on track, and manage frequently changing roles. Your processes will scale with you.

Speed up contract execution, save time, and reduce costs.

Keep documents on-brand and eliminate errors and roadblocks, so your team stays efficient and compliant.

Spend 50% less time updating Salesforce and achieve 10x productivity improvement for bulk data entry tasks.