Document Automation

Transforming business operations for optimal customer engagement

Many companies have adopted technologies like customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, lead funnel strategies, and new communications tools to accelerate their business operations. But they frequently find their approach still requires serious manual effort. Data is often stored in disparate, siloed systems, forcing users to scour multiple sources for the information they want, and then copy and paste it into their documents. Document automation can eliminate these steps and transform your organization from a slow, inefficient and ineffective team into a more nimble, productive and highly profitable organization. 

Empower your Salesforce users to create and deliver professional, branded documents that stand out. Dynamically generate highly customized internal and external customer communications that are automatically delivered wherever they need to go.

Why automate your documentation creation processes?

Documents can be a major time suck if they’re still being produced manually. Salesforce users spend approximately 4 hours per day on average manipulating the database and repeatedly copying and pasting data into templates. This creates many opportunities for errors and missteps. These include using the wrong template or source data, or worse, delaying delivery of the document and giving customers time to lose interest or to continue to research other options. Fast , accurate document automation doesn’t just save time, it closes deals.

Don’t leave customer communication to chance

Customers – however you define them – are the most important part of your business, and the way in which you communicate with them shapes their view of you and your business. Don’t leave your communication to chance. Fast, accurate document automation provides polished content that properly represents your brand, saves time, speeds up deals and decreases time to revenue.

How to Win with Conga Document Automation

  • Empower Your Sales Teams. Digitally transform and automate everyday sales tasks. Create workflows that initiate or complete customer engagement based on any trigger.
  • Eliminate Errors. Remove manual steps and copy/paste tasks.
  • Increase Productivity. Conga customers realize 95% efficiency improvements in time to generate documents.
  • Address Complex Needs. Advanced data retrieval for very powerful and efficient data gathering. Create reports and documents with data from multiple internal and external systems.
  • Save Time. Simplify the administrative work of creating documents with dynamic templates. Select and send multiple communications from a single screen.
  • Stand Out. Combine sophisticated design, rich text, and images with data from Salesforce. Protect corporate message and brand integrity.
  • Increase ROI. Uncover analytics that drive business forward.

Solution Information

Professional & Customized Customer CommunicationPut your company’s best foot forward when presenting important documents like quotes, invoices, proposals and more.
Batch CommunicationSelect and automatically send multiple communications from a single grid.
Any DataMerge data from any standard, custom or Lightning Connect® object with Salesforce reports or SOQL queries.
Any FormatConditionally display sections of a document, group data and calculate formulas according to business rules. Generate in Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, PDF, PDF forms, or HTML emails.
External DataMerge information from external data sources into a Composer document.
Complex Document GenerationIncorporate professional, complex content such as tables, images, rich text, charts, dashboards, custom fonts, watermarks and global currencies.
Analytics and ReportingIncrease account insight with custom reports that can be shared inside and outside of Salesforce in any Word format like PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Incorporate rich text, images, charts and graphs for professional reports that can be run once or scheduled to be delivered automatically.
Batch ScheduleBatch and schedule communication to run even without sales rep involvement.
Communicate to individuals inside and outside your Salesforce orgDeliver contracts communication to individuals even if they do not have a Salesforce licenses.
Custom WorkflowsBuild a custom workflow that kicks off communication as soon as activities take place.
TriggersTrigger automated customer communication with a Salesforce workflow rule for immediate results.
Document StorageStore in Salesforce as attachments, Chatter Files or Content records or in your Google Drive, Box and more.
eSignature IntegrationsIntegrated with Conga Sign, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Sertifi or ESign Live to decrease deal time.