Conga Grid

Salesforce data management for efficiency, productivity, and insights

Give your business a more productive workforce and create the data insights that drive business growth. A data management solution, Conga Grid provides dynamic views so users can see and act on all relevant data from a single screen. Eliminate the need to click through various records or update permissions one by one.

Empower your users to act fast on Salesforce data. Give them time back while promoting adoption and fixing the problem of missing or incomplete records.

  • Make Salesforce users more productive
  • Increase Salesforce value for users and Admins with a single solution
  • Uncover account insights to move business forward faster
  • Quickly find and address data hygiene concerns in your Salesforce
  • Reduce time wasted clicking through records unnecessarily
  • Create data visibility to better manage pipeline and gain system-wide insights

“You must install this now—it will change your Salesforce life. This app will solve problems you didn’t even know you had.

… There is no other app we have installed that compares to this. It will simplify the life of every one of your users. If you haven’t
already installed this app, you’re letting your
users down”

Brayden Smith, Director of Internal Systems, Ncontracts

Implement in seconds with a pre-built, use case-specific grid, or create your own. Grid Quick-Start Grids were specifically designed to address the everyday challenges faced by sales, Case Management, Executive Pipeline Management and Salesforce Administrators. Our use case-specific grids provide a focused solution out of the box that has an immediate impact on your business.

Conga Grid for SalesConga Grid for Case ManagementConga Grid for Pipeline ManagementConga Grid for Salesforce Admins
Display multiple levels of information on a single viewSort and filter by priority and due dates for fast action on casesView results based on region, product line, revenue and more from a single screenAdd information in bulk; copy and paste from a spreadsheet into Conga ActionGrid
Cut common actions. Go from 6 clicks through a sales flow to all actions on 1 screenUse Chatter or in-line email to follow up on support ticketsDetermine gaps in plan at a glanceCreate user-based controls and permissions to maintain security
Batch add tasksSee and update all relevant information from a single screenCreate custom views to drill into pipeline specificsMass update and change records from a single pane
View actionable dashboards directly for increased forecast accuracyView and assign or reassign Opportunities in batch Increase confidence in sales forecastsFind and replace user names in an instant
Batch edit profiles and user information

Learn why Grid customers spend 50% less time updating Salesforce at