Conga Contracts for Salesforce

Accelerate and Simplify Sales Contract Negotiations

Conga Contracts for Salesforce streamlines and accelerates contract negotiations for your sales team, so they can close deals faster—without leaving Salesforce. Give sales the power to build contracts from a library of clauses pre-approved by legal, so that legal maintains control over language without having to be involved in every deal. Send contracts directly from Salesforce in Microsoft Word format for redlining, then compare versions and true-up validated changes directly in Salesforce, ensuring accurate data and a complete contract history.

Bridge the gap between sales and legal teams to drive business forward with:

  • Control. Limit the clauses and language that can be included in outgoing contracts
  • Insight. Report across contracts to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and uncover needed process improvements across your business
  • Speed. Implement in as little as one week to gain value fast
  • Efficiency. Shorten contract negotiations by as much as 50%

Conga Contracts for Salesforce integrates seamlessly into Salesforce — the platform your sales team already knows and uses — making it is business-ready more quickly than most CLM solutions. Typically, that means in a few weeks. In some cases, it means just days.

Conga Contracts for Salesforce bridges the gap between CPQ and eSignature, creating end-to-end contract automation with your existing solutions. Conga Contracts for Salesforce is ideal for common sales contract situations, including quotes, work orders, SOWs, payment terms, and many others.

Conga Contracts provides an answer we’ve been looking for to improve our contract negotiation process. Process cycle time reduction, in the medical device industry, means our customers can serve their patients sooner and frees up precious time for clinicians and hospital administrators.

Suzan O’Leary, Project Manager at Abiomed, Inc.

RedliningNegotiate contract terms in the format everyone is most comfortable with -- Microsoft Word – while the Sales team tracks everything in Salesforce. Easily view and move from one redline to the next on platform and compare versions or even ‘Edit Latest’ in Word.
True-UpOnce negotiated changes have been accepted, True-Up to write that information back into Salesforce, keeping your system of record up-to-date for renewals and future contract generation.
3rd Party ContractsTrack and compare 3rd party contracts in Salesforce. Map data from a 3rd party contract to Salesforce fields for data reconciliation, and identify which clauses should be saved in the Salesforce Clause Library.
Recursive MergeCustomize your clause experience by merging a document with merged variables inside the clause.
Clause LibraryAutomatically build contracts using legal’s pre-approved terms and conditions. When standard clauses are negotiated, the Clause Library manages copies for tracking revisions against specific contract instances.
Clause PlaybookSwap an existing contract clause with a pre-approved fallback clause without ever leaving Salesforce.
Clause BundlesEasily define groups of terms and conditions that are commonly added to the same contract document, accelerating creation and eliminating errors. The Clause Library and Clause Bundle can be associated to any standard or custom object in your Salesforce Org.
Contract FamiliesGroup and view the hierarchical relationship between related contracts and documents.
Content CaptureHighlight text in the Redlining UI to True-Up any data on the fly.
Support for Microsoft Word Content ControlControl what changes take place in a contract. Drop-down fields limit which terms can be changed.
AnalyticsReport across contracts, gaining insights to identify trends and uncover bottlenecks.
Professional & Customized Contract TemplatesCreate highly-stylized, professional looking contracts with the click of a button.
Implementation TimeFull implementation in as little as a week.