Conga Courier

Better Salesforce Report Delivery

If you can’t share reports, you can’t share information.

You may have the cleanest, most up-to-date Salesforce data ever that you mobilize for meaningful, in-depth reporting and better business intelligence. But if its an inefficient, manual process to share those reports, they may not be of much benefit to you, no matter how profound your insights.

Conga Courier: Deliver your Salesforce reports your way.

Go beyond the basics of report sharing. Skip the manual steps required for standard delivery so you can quickly share key information with the right people. Choose how reports are shared, in what format, and with whom. Even automate delivery to spend time on more important work, like putting your data-driven insights into action.

“This is an extremely powerful tool that makes the admin task of sending out reports so much easier. I now have over 50 reports scheduled to go out at various times/dates and I could not do my job without it.

Sharif Aly | Thomsons Online Benefits

Reporting with consistency and efficiency.

  • Get the most out of Salesforce data:  Mobilize the information in Salesforce for real, actionable insights, and get that information to the people who can benefit from it.
  • Make your choices: Send standard or custom Salesforce reports in the format you choose, to the recipients you select, with a custom email, on the schedule you choose.
  • Let it run: Automatically send an unlimited number of individual, custom-defined report emails, inside our outside your organization, and on a pre-set schedule.

Powerful, automated Salesforce report delivery

Feature Benefit
Salesforce Report Generation Create greater efficiency and cut down on manual work required to share Salesforce reports including lead reports to partners, weekly opportunity reports, forecasts for executives, pipeline reports, sales rep activity, and more.
Automated Report Delivery Deliver reports automatically at the intervals required– hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or per customized time periods. Create greater efficiency and spread business intelligence more effectively to users inside and outside your organization by emailing scheduled reports. Send an unlimited number of individual reports with no hourly limits.
Bulk Send Send one report to multiple groups with a filtered view for each group (e.g., send the same sales report to all of your managers, but each manger only receives data from his or her region.) Customize your email subject lines and body text, and “from” address for each report. Send information that’s customized for your recipients without having to do the work of customization.
Send to Non-Salesforce Users Share Salesforce reports to anyone inside or outside your organization (up to 25 recipients per email). No need for Salesforce licenses to access the information you provide in Salesforce reports, breaking down information silos across Salesforce orgs and organizations.
Embed Reports Choose to embed the report directly in the body of the email or send as an attachment in Excel, CSF, or Printable View format. Choose precisely the best format for your report delivery to ensure greatest impact and usability.