Conga Grid

Security, Privacy and Architecture


Conga Grid is a powerful Salesforce application that removes the frustrations related to updating Salesforce. Change how your team views and works with Salesforce data to create a more productive workforce and increase data insights that drive business. At Conga, we understand that our customers care passionately about the security of their data, especially when stored in the cloud. We are committed to providing enterprise-level security for all our applications—including Conga Grid.

Salesforce-level security

Because Conga Grid is a native Salesforce application, the solution processes your data completely within Salesforce. When using Conga Grid, the solution does not send or store any data outside of your Salesforce instance, unless it is configured to work in tandem with other services which may do such.

High availability

As a native Salesforce application, Conga Grid has the same availability guarantees as Salesforce: if your Salesforce instance is available, Conga Grid is available. Conga is a platinum ISV partner of Salesforce and follows the standards, policies, and best practices listed at

Access and audit logs

Access and audit logging of Conga Grid is controlled by your Salesforce administrator and conforms to all of your existing requirements.

Privacy & compliance

As a native Salesforce application, Conga Grid is also compliant with all the same privacy and compliance standards as Salesforce, found here:

Among Conga, Salesforce and our customers, we abide by the following share of responsibility across our controls:

Control CategoryConga GridSalesforceCustomer
Access ControlResponsible
Audit LoggingResponsible
Data RetentionResponsible
Application TestingResponsible
Security TestingResponsibleResponsible
Security ControlsResponsible

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