Conga Orchestrate

Optimize Salesforce® with supercharged business workflows

Automating your business processes with workflows is important for streamlining complex, comprehensive business operations in your company. It’s also essential for the everyday, repetitive procedures that keep your business running. When you automate how work flows through your business, you can see more clearly how your business works. Don’t let your workflow define your business. Let your business define your workflow.

As the complexity of your workflow increases, the ability to effectively use native Salesforce® workflow engines decreases. Go beyond the “if-this-then-that” rules for a more robust workflow. Create, visualize and automate complex workflows with Conga Orchestrate.

Conga Orchestrate turns time-consuming, unstructured procedures into automated, efficient workflows that can handle the complex needs of today’s businesses. Easily configure, automate and manage large numbers of workflow steps. Conga Orchestrate helps you clearly define and streamline your business with the ability to grow as your business grows.


Transform Your Business With Workflow


Easily build your process. Steps in a process can be a Task, Custom Object, Checklist, Scheduled Event, Email Alert, Field Update, and more.

Store your process templates for repeated use. Customize form fields. Make fields required so a process cannot be initiated until all pertinent information is included; make fields dependent on each other, for example if you choose option (a) in one section, you can only choose option (b) or (c) in another.

Start processes automatically. Automatically initiate the workflow when a record is created or updated, an event is scheduled on your calendar, time has passed (recurring processes), or when records match your specific criteria. Workflows can also be initiated manually by creating a record.

Automate approvals. Automatically notify the relevant person when a review and approval of a process are needed. The process doesn’t move along until the approval is received.

Create a visual representation. Visualize your processes with our process visualization tools including a flow chart and Gantt view; gain the ability to see each step in the process and know the status of a process at any time as it is being executed.

Conga Process Composer Product Shot


Generate real time reports. Get an update on any process and any task within the process with Salesforce dashboards and reports. You want to know how long it takes for a client to send back signed documents? Conga Orchestrate can tell you.

Get more from Salesforce with robust workflow automation and reporting. Reduce human error and eliminate steps that would otherwise cost precious time and resources to address.

Scale your business and free up resources to grow by automating “time-consuming” and often manual tasks freeing up resources to grow. Eliminate bottlenecks and meet new demands with improved visibility. You’ll be able to see critical processes at every point, monitor end-to-end performance throughout, identify problems, drive accountability and meet compliance needs.

Product FeaturesDescription
Custom Object Process SupportWrite a process against any Custom Object
Cascading StepsOne step can initiate one or more other steps
Event Driven StepsSteps can be tied to events on Salesforce calendar with step due dates dynamically related to meeting date
Automated Process InitiationAny process can be set to initiate when an Account, Contact or Event is created or updated
Current Status of an Initiated ProcessSee a visual diagram of process as it executes
Set Any Step Creation at Process InitiationPre-set any step field at step template creation
Role-based Step AssignmentAssign steps based on Account-level role assignments
Process CloningClone all aspects of a process for reuse
Process Export CapabilitiesImport and export processes between organizations
Email AlertsSteps can send out email alerts to Accounts and Users
Field UpdatesUpdate fields on related records
Multiple Object Process SupportWrite a process against Campaigns, Cases, Leads and Opportunities
Re-occurring ProcessesAny process can be set up to initiate on a recurring basis
StagingA step will not be created until multiple predecessor steps are completed
Input DependenciesA step within a process can be set to create only under certain conditions
Multiple Object EntriesA single process can create entries to multiple other objects
Step Field ValidationsValidation rules at the step level
Step ChecklistsManage step completion with checklist items
ReportingUse native reports and dashboards for full visibility into process progress and future workload

About Conga

Conga ® is modernizing customer engagement through digital transformation by delivering data management, automated enterprise-grade document generation, contract lifecycle management and workflow automation solutions to drive business forward. For over a decade, Conga has provided enterprise applications with superior support and industry expertise to over 650K+ users in more than 85 countries.