Conga Sign

Effortless, secure eSignature

Can you afford traditional signatures?
Securing signatures the old-fashioned way costs time, money, and ink. Think: print, sign, scan, (e)mail, and then your recipient has to do the same. Today’s customers expect an easier, quicker interaction, and circulating sensitive documents is risky, whether in your office, in the mail, or in cyberspace

Conga Sign: Fast, efficient eSignature for today’s business.
Conga Sign helps you secure the signatures your business-critical agreements require. Speed up approvals, reducing the time to “yes” from days to minutes. Sign documents quickly and securely, saving costs, reducing risk, while delighting your customers with ease and efficiency.

Conga Sign helps with:

  • Efficiency:  Save time and expense with instant, easy-to-execute eSignature for all documents that require them, leading to faster business cycles and significant savings.
  • Get fast ROI: Implement Sign quickly and easily, to sign your first documents within five minutes, and speed up business cycles to get value back quickly.
  • Easy, seamless integrations: Capture electronic signatures easily and integrate fully with contract processes for faster cycles, happier customers, and more deals closed.

Start using Conga Sign today to execute faster on:

  • Sales contracts like MSAs and NDAs
  • HR documents, including onboarding and sensitive employee communications
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Internal process change acknowledgments

“Conga Sign provided an intuitive sign experience that worked far smoother than our current signature process. As a long time Conga user, the opportunity to go from document generation through signature, all within Salesforce, makes the entire contracts process much easier, especially managing our SOWs and MSAs.”

– Lance Evanson, EVP Business Development, Simplus


Create: fast, easy, personalized documents in SalesforceStart your document generation the way that works best for you: from any Object, Custom Object, batch create from a Conga ActionGrid, or set it up to kick off automatically with a Salesforce Workflow. Conga Sign easily integrates with your current Conga solution or any other document generation tool, such as Salesforce CPQ. Automate or quickly drag and drop signature tags for a professional, painless signing experience.
Deliver: structured, templated communication to any signer — inside or outside of SalesforceSigners do not need a license to sign, just the ability to open a Microsoft Word document and click. Routing options allow you to control the signing order or use parallel routing for faster contract execution.
Automate: the contract experienceTimed reminders, automated signature tag inclusion, and triggered workflow activities create a smooth, error-free flow for your contracts.
Track: your contract process in Salesforce from start to finishTrack the status of signature activity, from draft through completion. Highlight contract roadblocks — like expirations and declines — to keep business moving forward.

Manage your entire contract lifecycle in Salesforce with a single trusted partner. We’ll take you from creation and negotiation through eSignature and execution. With more than a decade of experience in the Contract Lifecycle Management and Salesforce space, we know a thing or two about contract execution.

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