Intelligent Document Automation with Conga Composer

Synergize All Your Business Processes with Conga Composer Enterprise Edition

Document Automation is revolutionizing sales and other mission-critical business functions. Eliminating manual data management tasks directly impacts the bottom line. It reduces work and improves data quality so you can spend more time on customer relations and strengthening your brand. More importantly document automation makes negotiations faster, increase efficiency and gives teams more time and tools to achieve their sales quotas up to 88% of the time1.

Conga Composer optimizes your Salesforce investment by removing the roadblocks associated with document creation making it easy to create and deliver sophisticated robust documents including presentations, sales documentation and reports by merging data from any standard or custom object into richly- formatted templates. But are you synergizing
all your business processes for optimal automation?

Conga Composer Enterprise Edition lets you tackle unlimited use cases with a single application, increasing Salesforce adoption across your entire organization. You can merge data from any external data source such as an ERP system, SQL database, internal corporate databases, or multiple Salesforce organizations or take advantage of our API to access Composer functionality from other applications.

Composer Enterprise Edition maximizes ROI, increases your time to revenue and enforces compliance with business policies.

Ways to Utilize Conga Composer Enterprise Edition

Quote-to-Cash Automation

Generate branded presentations and sales proposals to increase win rates2 for your sales team. Take automation one step further by merging any external data into your Salesforce CPQ
to easily configure products, price orders, and generate quotes.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Reduce the number of templates to manage with Composer’s exclusive recursive merge feature. Recursive merge allows you to add additional information into a merged contract clause for example such as Account Name, allowing for a more customized clause experience.

Centralized Purchasing

Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency; use Conga Composer Enterprise for order fulfillment and invoicing; provide customers with self-service options for account statements and other reporting tools.

Corporate Communities/Employee Portals

Corporate communities are platforms for your customers and or employees to connect. Conga Composer Enterprise can be used to share data from your internal Salesforce organization or pull from other sources to create a consistent customer experience including corporate branding.


Don’t leave customer communication to chance. Upgrade to Conga Composer Enterprise Edition to synergize all your business processes. Be more agile, streamlined, efficient, and create opportunities to deeply engage with customers, challenging the status quo and tapping into new information sources that drive a higher return on your investment.

Composer FeaturesBusinessEnterpriseBenefits
Template formats: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, PDF Forms, HTML Email Generate enterprise-grade documents to address almost any use case document Generation, Authentication and reportingIncludedIncludedCustomize your templates for what you need or how you want to present data; ability to insert images and support for rich-text fields to deliver dynamic documents, reports and presentations.
Merge Data from Related and Unrelated Objects Access data from anywhere in Salesforce, including 5 levels of parent-child relationshipsIncludedIncludedNo need to make changes to Salesforce when creating new documents, saving time, reducing technical complexity, and eliminating dependencies.
Live Edit Edit documents post-creation, before deliveryIncludedPersonalize your content prior to automation and delivery.
Integration with Cloud Security Providers Use 3rd party data encryption from CipherCloud or Perspecsys to protect sensitive documentsIncludedProtect data confidentiality when storing and/or transmitted using the internet or other computer networks; Mitigate data breaches.
Custom Branding of Composer’s Interface Provide internal and external users with your company’s look and feelIncludedCreate a consistent corporate image and strengthen brand recognition by creating a standard experience across all customer communication channels.
Composer API Create your own interface as part of another application, instead of Composer’s UIIncludedProvide consistency for developers to write applications that automate documents from beyond the boundaries of the Salesforce platform improving user experience and increasing ROI due to less custom programming.
External Data Merge data from multiple Salesforce orgs or external systems such as ERP, SQL database, or custom applicationIncludedSynergize front end and back end office functions combining data from across your business systems without building complex data integrations, enabling better reporting and error-free documents.
Recursive Merge Use a merge field inside a merge fieldIncludedManage fewer templates and maximize personalization of customer communications.
Increased Scalability10k rows/query 25k rows/dataset25k rows/query 50k rows/datasetExpand the volume of available data cross large data sources for enhanced analytics and reporting.