Galvin Technologies



Use Case

Contracts, proposals, quotes

With Conga Collaborate, Galvin Technologies now creates contracts with the click of a button that used to take 45 minutes

Galvin Technologies is a company that knows Salesforce® inside and out: its mission is to help other companies implement and maximize the cloud-based platform. The company specializes in Salesforce consulting, Pardot lead cultivation, and marketing for companies across the Midwest. Galvin Technologies uses careful examination of analytics and marketing tools to build and nurture unique consulting relationships with every firm they work with.

The Problem

While Galvin Technologies has always been a leader in helping others implement Salesforce®, the company faced a challenge when it came to automating its own process to create contracts, proposals and other documents.

With multiple, outdated versions of Word® documents floating around the company, many opportunities arose for errors and inconsistencies, like using the wrong boilerplates and templates.

The Solution

The company turned to Conga Collaborate, knowing that the platform already integrated seamlessly with Salesforce. “We were looking [for] a solution where we could click a button and it would generate all the documentation that we needed, and then send it to the client,” Gary said. “Collaborate seemed like an excellent fit.”

From there, the implementation process was simple because Galvin Technologies’ data was already in Salesforce. Gary wanted his sales team to avoid the inevitable “bottleneck” in the process: the waiting around and inefficiency of offline documents, proposals and contracts. With Conga Collaborate’s ability to track engagement, the client services knew as soon as the necessary paperwork was completed, which moved it right along to the accounting team for approval, which moved it right along to the production team. This eliminated the process of waiting for emails and updates, and thus eliminated the bottleneck.

The Result

Before Galvin Technologies integrated Collaborate with its Salesforce workflows, creating and sending out a contract alone would take up to 45 minutes, and the overall process could take hours. “Now, it’s just a click of a button. I can do it from a mobile app (Salesforce1) and look at the contract, Gary said. “I don’t have to wait a long time for it to be sent to the office. I click a button and [Collaborate] generates all the necessary documents we need to send to the client.”

Gary noted that Galvin Technologies’ implementation of Conga Collaborate was so easy because of how it integrates and works together with Salesforce. “And because of that, Collaborte has helped us streamline our processes and use Salesforce better.”

"All of the data that we were using in the contracts and proposals were already in Salesforce, but we were doing a lot of copy and pasting. We wanted to streamline all of it."
Gary Galvin, CEO and President – Galvin Technologies