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Use Case

Work Orders - Cut Sheets

Graff’s Turf Farm Achieves More than 1,500% ROI by Generating Work Orders with Conga Composer

Business Challenge

Graff’s Turf Farm has become the front-runner in the sod industry by stressing quality and customer service. Ensuring that orders are fulfilled according to the company’s high standards requires detailed cut sheet work orders. Prior to implementing a Conga® solution, Graff’s Turf Farm would manually copy and paste work order information into an Excel® template and print it for the harvest team. This process was repeated throughout the day as updates were made to the relevant data, consuming 1.5 to 3 hours of the logistics coordinator’s time per day. It also required a member of the harvest team to stop working and physically come into the office to pick up the new cut sheet every time changes were made.


  • A cut sheet work order was generated every morning for the harvest team with updated versions throughout the day — averaging 10 per day
  • Cut sheets contain all of the detailed information necessary for the harvest team to fulfill orders, including what type of turf, how much, what dimensions, how many pallets to use, trucking and installer information, load times, drop orders and any specialty line items
  • Manual time before Conga solution: average of 1.5 hours per day, which equates to 47 business days per year

Success Strategy

When Graff’s Turf Farm deployed Salesforce Sales Cloud® to replace an old accounting system, a consultant recommended they also use Conga Composer to automate their cut sheet creation. Now the logistics coordinator pushes a custom button on the opportunity to generate the cut sheet with data from both custom and standard objects, and uses Conga Query Manager℠ for expanded data gathering capabilities. The final Excel output is then automatically emailed to the harvest team who read it on tablets in the field. The custom template is easy to read on the tablets and provides Graff’s the ability to highlight designated fields automatically, as the cut sheets are created when information is updated throughout the day.

Benefits & Results

Conga Composer has eliminated the manual work previously required to generate cut sheets, saving the company time and vastly improving accuracy.

  • Cost Savings & ROI Payback – $11,060 annually with a return on investment of 1,536%
  • Time Savings – Approximately 1 day per week or 363 hours annually
  • Increased User & Customer Satisfaction – The harvest team and general manager appreciate Conga Composer’s advanced formatting capabilities for Excel, such as skipping rows and conditionally highlighting cells, which make the cut sheet easier to read. With the increased ability to get the necessary information out of Salesforce and into the hands of the harvest team in the field, the adoption and usage of Salesforce has increased as well.
  • Improved Accuracy – Automating the process has greatly improved the accuracy of the information in the cut sheets no matter how many times they may be updated in a day, which directly supports the company’s brand reputation of high quality and service.

What made the Conga solution stand out? – Conga Composer’s ability to automatically merge data from Salesforce into the Excel template using queries has allowed Graff’s Turf Farm to add additional worksheet tabs for each day of the week so the harvest team can quickly understand what orders are coming up in the schedule.

Additional Use Cases – Graff’s Turf Farm is also using Conga Composer to generate and distribute: work orders to installers and trucking companies, sales metric reports that track key activities compared to goals, delivery receipts, and freight forms for truckers.

“Conga Composer saves us hours per week. With one button click, we can generate a spreadsheet in Excel with a worksheet for each day’s orders.”
– Raychel Dias, Salesforce Administrator