Use Case

Contracts - Order Forms

Magento Uses Conga Composer to Improve Efficiency 93%, Return 140 Days to Sales Team Each Year

Magento, an eBay Inc. company, offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help businesses grow and succeed online. Magento’s cost-effective open technology makes it possible for businesses to control the content, functionality, look and feel of their online store.

Business Challenge

Magento’s enterprise sales team generates approximately 400 order forms each month. Prior to deploying Conga Composer®, salespeople would manually populate highly customized Word® documents with data from Salesforce® and email them to prospects. This process took 15 minutes per form, and multiple versions could be created during the sales process for each deal.

Success Strategy

When Magento implemented Salesforce to process Enterprise Edition ordering, it also implemented Conga Composer to generate order forms using data from their quote-to-cash app and to deliver the forms through their eSignature provider. After the company was acquired by eBay® in 2011, it transitioned the Composer solution into eBay Inc.’s Salesforce instance.


  • Salespeople generate order forms by clicking a custom button on a CashBox® record
  • 18 total order form templates — a separate template for each product or service
  • Composer uses 8 SOQL queries to merge data from a custom CashBox object and custom product line items into a customized Word template
  • Order forms are delivered via DocuSign® to prospect for electronic signature
  • Using conditional logic, Composer controls Magento’s internal approval process by routing the order form for internal approval (when required) before delivering it to the prospect

Benefits & Results

With Conga Composer, Magento is able to generate order forms in less than a minute while also reducing errors. In addition, the legal team no longer needs to review every order form because Composer automatically creates the form based on a standard template and sends it as a secure document via DocuSign. This eliminates approval time, as well as situations in which orders with errors had to be corrected and resigned by the customer before the legal team could countersign.

  • Cost Savings – $49,200 annually with a payback period of less than 2 weeks
  • Time Savings – 1,120 hours or 140 workdays returned to the sales team – a 93% efficiency improvement
  • Increased User & Customer Satisfaction
    • The sales reps appreciate the improved ease of use and speed with which order forms can be created and sent to prospects
    • Since Conga Composer automatically creates the form based on a standard template and sends it as a secure document via DocuSign, the legal team no longer needs to review every order form. The new approval process for non-standard deals has also eliminated instances where the form could not be countersigned due to errors.
    • Global sales users are also able to confidently create order forms because the SOQL queries used by Composer accommodate international languages
  • Supports Data Security Goals – Users are able to generate order forms without needing the permission to export Salesforce reports, a setting that eBay has disabled across the organization for security purposes

Additional Use Cases – Certificates of Compliance, OEM Agreements, Sponsorship Agreements

“Conga Composer has helped us transform our entire enterprise ordering process. The seamless integration with our quote-to-cash and eSignature apps enables us to create and deliver order forms that automatically merge the correct data with just a click. “
– Lior Pinellis, Senior Technical Project Manager