Schumacher Group


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Use Case

PDF Forms

Schumacher Group Saves $1,000,000+ by Automating Complex Healthcare Form Filling with Conga Composer

Business Challenge

The Schumacher Group™ duplicated data entry on thousands of complex healthcare PDF and Word® forms from Medicare, Medicaid, hospitals and insurers each month. The organization needed a way to enter data once into Salesforce® and automatically complete standard government insurance forms and physician certification applications in the process.

Success Strategy

After evaluating seven potential solutions from other Salesforce AppExchange® partners, Schumacher Group selected Conga Composer®. The solution seamlessly merges data from 47 custom objects onto PDF and Word forms.

Benefits & Results

  • Eliminated the manual re-keying of data by 7 full time employees
  • Automated the completion process of more than 1,400 PDF and Word healthcare forms each month
  • Increased revenue collection by speeding the physician certification process with hospitals
  • Enhanced recruitment and retention among healthcare professionals by pre-filling forms for them with known information

“When I presented the solution we created in just 3 days to automate these complex 17 page forms, people’s jaws dropped. ‘How could you replace that form so quickly?’ We used Conga Composer.”
– Doyle Moody, Administrator