Use Case

Document generation, Standardized templates and processes

Telnexus Increased Productivity by 100x with Conga Composer

Telnexus is a Northern California-based communication service provider that delivers VoIP solutions to small and medium sized enterprises around the Bay Area.

Business Challenges

Building a scalable business with disparate legacy systems left Telnexus with disjointed document generation, inconsistent brand messaging and disjointed processes. The company was using multiple databases to retrieve information for quotes, billing, work orders and order confirmations, leading to inconsistent document branding and excessive time spent on order entry and retrieving information from Salesforce®.

Success Strategy

Telnexus initially invested in the Salesforce Sales Cloud® and Conga Composer® to address their quoting process. They quickly realized the use cases went beyond quotes and could solve for invoicing, work orders, customer statements and more. All in all, six processes were transformed to provide enterprise level, unified systems to scale the business and provide consistent customer experiences across all levels of engagement.

Benefits and Results

By consolidating the way in which key business documentation was collected and data extracted, Telnexus was able to reallocate valuable headcount and downsize third party vendors. By implementing the Conga Composer solution and reducing documentation to a single click of a button, one full time head count — who had been dedicated to manually inputting data to regulatory affairs for 22 agencies — was able to be reallocated to drive business rather than perform manual administrative tasks.

Salesforce adoption within the sales team also increased post Conga Composer implementation. Reps are now motivated to input accurate and timely data to Salesforce since it is directly tied to their quote to cash process.

“We’ve been able to use Conga Composer to leverage our entire business, so we’ve created all of our customer documents based on this technology,” said Vernon Keenan, Telnexus CEO. “We’ve created a real-time information system…we’ve grown 100x in terms of productivity.”


“Conga Composer tied all of our business process automation together. We are now able to market, sell and service our customers better and more efficiently than ever. Conga helped make us a connected enterprise.”
- Vernon Keenan, CEO