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Use Case

Quotes, proposals, contracts

Before Conga Collaborate, responding to leads took as many as 9 days. With Conga Collaborate, response time has shrunk to less than one day.

Impressing guests is the mission of TMI Hospitality, a respected company that manages more than 180 hotel properties in 26 states. Providing booking and event support for hotels and third-party event and travel agencies, TMI Hospitality makes it easier for hotel sales teams to focus on creating a satisfying hotel experience. TMI’s sales team serves as a liaison between hotels and clients and handles leads from a variety of sources, which can make creating and sending service agreements a time-consuming process.

The Problem

In the hotel business, time is money – and with the rise of hotel websites that help customers book rooms and events online, the company risked losing two of its most valuable resources. “From the time we received a lead to the time it went out to the client,” said TMI Hospitality sales center director Kimberly Busch, “it would take as many as nine calendar days.”

“Our biggest challenges were inefficiency and streamlining,” Kimberly said. “How could we make it easier and faster to get those responses back out to the client?” That question prompted TMI to research solutions that would integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, the company’s CRM. “I started researching solutions, and we looked at three,” said Kimberly. “We focused on four things: email notifications, pushing data back to Salesforce, eSignature and interactive capabilities.”

While evaluating Conga Collaborate, Kimberly checked off every box on her list, and even found solutions to problems she hadn’t identified before. “It just didn’t make sense to have to add several apps for Conga Collaborate’s all-in-one solution. That’s what Conga Collaborate has been for us – and we’ve been able to be that for our clients and hotels in return.”

The Solution

Although TMI chose Conga Collaborate to shorten its sales cycle, it’s helped accelerate sales tech training as well. “We’ve done a complete restructure of our team,” Kimberly said, “and four team members had to learn how to use Conga Collaborate with Salesforce.” Instead of several training sessions, the new team members simply had to be shown how to click around in each system. “Conga Collaborate was able to cut out a lot of the administrative work we’d have had to go through for training. It was just like, ‘here’s where the button is, click that, and you’re off and running!’”

Conga Collaborate has also enabled TMI to streamline its contracting workflow process. By integrating Conga Collaborate with Salesforce, salespeople slashed contract creation time. “Before Conga Collaborate, it would take 10 to 15 minutes to create a contract,” said Kimberly. “Now, provided all the data is in Salesforce, all you have to do, literally, is click a button.” TMI Hospitality has realized time savings in response time as well. Since implementing Conga Collaborate, the nine-day response time has been shrunk to less than one.

Now that salespeople no longer have to manually enter data in multiple places, they spend significantly less time on administrative tasks and can focus on selling. “I think about the actualized business that comes through, and the connections and relationships we’re able to build,” said Kimberly. “It has been tremendous to see the efficiency – my team can do what they’re supposed to be doing: following up, negotiating, not spending so much time pushing paper.”

The Result

All that time saved has also led to better outcomes across the organization. “We compared last year from January to October with this year, and we’ve processed more leads,” said Kimberly. “We saw a 25 percent increase in revenue and a 13 percent increase in room nights contracted. So, not only did we grow in the lead volume we were able to handle, we also became more efficient.” It’s led other areas of the company to request Conga Collaborate as well. “We constantly get requests from our hotels asking, “when do we get Conga Collaborate? When can we use this at the hotel level?” We’re looking at different ways to make that work.”

With those kinds of results, Kimberly is excited about what the future holds for Conga Collaborate and TMI.

“We’ve shown more value to our company as a department because we’re able to do more,” said Kimberly.


When you have the right people and the right processes and the right system, you can get exceptional results.
Kimberly Busch, Sales Center Director – TMI Hospitality