Use Case

Proposals, contracts

Before Conga Collaborate, UnifyHR's reporting process took days to complete. With Conga Collaborate, reporting takes less than 30 minutes.

Despite a long list of ever-evolving rules and regulations, the healthcare compliance industry is both critical and necessary. For UnifyHR, the business of healthcare compliance presented an opportunity to step up as a leader in health care tax reporting solutions. “We realized that compliance isn’t going anywhere, and it’s only going to become more complicated over the coming years,” said Courtney Mullins, UnifyHR’s marketing manager. “Every time there’s a new compliance rule, companies have to find a new vendor. We wanted to be able to maximize the data we already have for multiple solutions.”

The Problem

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented in 2015, healthcare compliance had to evolve accordingly — and so did UnifyHR. “Hundreds of thousands of employers scrambled to find a solution for the 2015 reporting year,” Mullins said. “We couldn’t get our proposals done fast enough. At that point, we were using Microsoft Word for our manual proposals and contracts, which was pretty tedious.”

Not only was UnifyHR struggling with an inefficient document workflow, but its CRM was also more of a burden than a resource. After creating the proposals and contracts in Word, “we would backtrack and enter in information in our CRM — after the fact — on a monthly basis,” Mullins said. “We couldn’t even really use our CRM in a functional, up-to-date way to efficiently track our opportunities. After that year’s reporting was completed and we took a deep breath, and decided it was time to gain some efficiencies with an integrated solution.”

The Solution

That integrated solution was Conga Collaborate. Mullins and her team worked with an implementation manager once a week, using the in-between time to “do our homework from one call to the next,” she said. “We were trying to build out proposals and contracts at the same time, so I think that relationship was really helpful. I feel like [our implementation manager Marcus Wadell] was part of our team.”

Conga Collaborate also worked with UnifyHR to configure Salesforce in a way that accurately captured data instead of working backwards. “We essentially had to change the way we worked, and I think the changes helped us better utilize not only Conga Collaborate but also our CRM,” Mullins said. “It’s simple. We update our CRM, personalize our communication templates based on our conversations, and overall it probably takes five minutes.”

In addition to creating communications templates, Mullins and the UnifyHR team needed a solution for redlining the most up-to-date versions of its contracts. “Handling the redlining process was tricky before Conga Collaborate, because we didn’t know which version of a contract people were working in,” Mullins said. “Sometimes an old version would get re-sent. Now, we’re able to consistently know where we’re at in the redlining process.”

The Result

With Conga Collaborate, UnifyHR managed to reduce administrative burden while expediting and tracking its proposal, contracting and reporting processes. “Our reporting took a few days to complete before Conga Collaborate,” said Mullins. “Now, it takes less than 30 minutes.”

Because Conga Collaborate takes the burden of building and tracking proposals and contracts off their plates, Mullins and the UnifyHR team can use their extra time to focus on what really matters: developing relationships with both current and potential clients to help them understand and navigate the healthcare compliance industry. “Conga Collaborate gives us more time to address individual questions and concerns, which makes for better relationships,” Mullins said.

"Our reporting took a few days to complete before Conga Collaborate. Now, it takes less than 30 minutes."
Courtney Mullins, Marketing Manager – UnifyHR