Policies & Procedures

Make Policy Updates a Breeze

Become an internal hero by creating standardized policy and procedure documents quickly and easily with Conga Composer®. Create branded templates specific to your company, populate them with exactly the data you need from Salesforce®, and distribute your files to the right people – all with one seamless solution.

Simplify the creation of policy and procedure documents:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Training documents
  • Sales compensation plans
  • Employee policies
  • Employee benefits documents
  • Corporate policies
  • NDAs
  • Information security policies
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Claim acknowledgments & notifications
  • Total compensation statements
  • Proprietary Information & Inventions Agreements (PIIA)
  • Onboarding documents

Why use Conga Composer to create policy and procedure documents?


What’s In It for You How We Do It
Instantly create and distribute policy documents with a single button click
  • Merge data from standard or custom objects into predefined templates
  • Use conditional formatting to show or hide content based on business rules
  • Create and distribute large quantities of policy documents at once
Ensure compliance with accurate recordkeeping
  • Store your files as attachments, Chatter posts or Content records in Salesforce
  • Automatically log activities and update fields in Salesforce
Quickly bring the process full circle with a seamless digital solution
  • Integrate with leading eSignature providers including DocuSign®, and Adobe Sign®