Keep Your Sales Team Selling

Easily create sophisticated, consistent and accurate quotes with Conga Composer® to increase sales efficiency. Retrieve data from standard and custom objects, use richly-formatted templates that are completely customized to your business, and predefine user choices to create a consistent quoting solution for an entire sales team. Powerful activity logging features allow you to keep a detailed record of created quotes. Even create customized HTML emails and attach your quotes for instant delivery.

Create and deliver a variety of customized quotes:

  • Sales quotes
  • Consulting quotes
  • Business quotes
  • Service quotes
  • Construction quotes
  • Price quotes
  • Project quotes

Why use Conga Composer to create quotes?


What’s In It for You How We Do It
Instantly create and send sophisticated quotes with a single button click
  • Predefine a template, email options, file attachment and activity logging behavior
  • Automate quote creation and delivery
  • Integrate with leading eSignature providers including DocuSign® and Adobe Sign®
Easily present a fully customized quote with advanced formatting options
  • Exercise total control over data mapping and placement in a customized template
  • Dynamically group standard or custom line items
  • Logically show or hide content based on business rules
  • Simultaneously merge data to a quote document and HTML email
Eliminate quoting errors by automatically merging Salesforce® data into a secure format
  • Store and use standardized templates
  • Optionally lock output to PDF
  • Encrypt PDF output
  • Enforce file naming conventions