Run your organization smarter

Whether using standard Salesforce® reports or customized report documents, Conga Composer® and Conga Courier® enable timely report generation and delivery of key business data to those who need it—inside and outside your organization. Conga Courier goes beyond standard Salesforce report delivery, allowing you to customize who can receive your reports, what your email includes, and when reports are sent. Need to present data in a custom format or use dynamic charts or graphs? Conga Composer creates sophisticated reports and charts in a variety of configurable formats.

Conga solutions can be used for any type of report:

  • Sales funnel and  pipeline reports
  • Executive reports
  • Forecast reports
  • Professional service reports
  • Usage reports
  • Project status reports
  • Consulting reports
  • Business reports
  • Annual reports
  • Employee performance reports
  • Attrition reports
  • Financial reports and  performance

Why use a Conga solution for report generation and delivery?


What’s In It for You How We Do It
Identify trends and make decisions faster with elegant reports that are easy to understand
  • Create fully-configurable templates for complex, dynamic content including charts, tables, graphs, hyperlinks, custom fonts, images and global languages/currencies
  • Deliver customized reports while maintaining brand standards
  • Customize email delivery options and distribution interval to extend standard Salesforce report delivery
  • Simultaneously merge data to an output file (PowerPoint®, Excel® or other format) and HTML email
Fully optimize your analytics with powerful data retrieval capabilities
  • Retrieve data from multiple disparate objects using standard or custom report types, SOQL queries or both
  • Schedule the delivery of a single Salesforce report but only send recipients the subset of data they need
Quickly share critical information with whoever needs it
  • Email an unlimited number of individual Salesforce reports to users, contacts, roles, profiles and groups